You make lightweight components in fiber-reinforced composite materials for the aerospace industry? You produce bicycle frames, propellers for wind turbines, or racecar bodies? You cut bullet proof panels for military vehicles or heat shields for space crafts? Carbon fiber, aramid, or glass fiber? Sandwich structure honeycomb panels of various constituent materials? High volume parts for industrial production or highly complex prototypes? Whichever your production requirements, SMRE has a solution for you. Our cutting systems deliver remarkable productivity while remaining highly flexible. Through the simultaneous accommodation of multiple technologies, our machines guarantee maximum versatility and allow you to quickly respond to the ever-changing demands from the market. To streamline your production and increase your productivity, our software developers created a series of easy-to-use programs that will transform your cutting machine into a highly efficient manufacturing solution. And if you have specific requirements, we create custom macros to make production and order handling so simple that even unskilled staff can do it. Count on your SMRE cutting station to provide just the right tools to process your composite materials, optimize your work flow, increase your productivity, boost your efficiency, and deliver the quality you’re looking for.

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