electric mobility technology Business Unit

The Company has a long-lasting experience, a specific know-how and a vision entailing a constant search for new opportunities that can create an actual added value for its partners.

IET’s competitive advantage is the ability of its group of highly specialized engineers to design custom-made Powertrains equipped with gearbox, engine, battery, BMS, software and accessories, and to create innovative and highly performing solutions.

Electric Motion Systems

Our expertise, deriving from our unceasing work in the Electric Automotive Industry sector, enables us to take over complex projects and to follow the process in its every single phase starting from the design, to the development to the production of prototypes.

IET’s heart is the R&D Department, its aim is to put the current technologies to the test, to set higher quality standards and to offer something different from what is currently available on the market.
A relentless research that instills trust in our customers and partners and generates products with unique features.


A global technical offer for whoever needs an electric mobility solution, with a strong Made in Italy connotation: every single component of IET’s powertrains is designed, developed, tested and built in the main production facility in Umbertide (Perugia), so are the electronic components, the accessories, and the software programs.

IET’s specialties:

  • Development and production of electric and hybrid powertrains
  • Conversion of standard internal combustion engine vehicles into full electric or hybrid
  • Development of software and electronics for electric powertrains

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