The SMRE catalogue features several solutions to cut and weld non-woven fabrics.

Whether you prefer to cut your materials with a blade or with a laser, the SMRE machines, with their solid industrial structure and cleverly designed tools, can accommodate exactly the technology – or a combination thereof – you are looking for. Our specifically developed manufacturing software ensures optimized efficiency and guarantees a quick return on investment. Our welding machines bond your non-wovens with uncompromising strength and quality. Whether you use hot air or ultrasonic welding technology to create your filters, your products such as medical masks, or your disposable pillows and bed covers, count on your SMRE machine to streamline your processes and deliver the quality and manufacturing volumes you expect.

Discover the manufacturing solutions we offer for the creation of non-woven products in our website or contact us. Our team will assist you in choosing exactly the right technology for your specific application.

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