SMRE was founded in 1999 by Samuele Mazzini, currently majority shareholder and CEO, after extensive experience in the design and development of high-tech industrial machinery.

Industrial solutions that are developed with the specific intention of providing a technological response to the operational and productive needs of our customers, based on a global manufacturing philosophy. It is a mission that, over seventeen years, has resulted in the installation of more than 1000 machines in 40 countries on 6 continents.


To the development of global manufacturing solutions, in which automation plays a central role, in 2000 we added the first studies of electric mobility, a technology at that time still in its infancy. Ten years of intensive research have then led to the development of unique technological solutions for electric mobility, a perfect combination of innovation and manufacturing techniques.

SMRE has grown continuously and, in 2015, was introduced to the financial market for listing on AIM Italy, effective as of Wednesday, 20 April 2016.

Our philosophy has always been to support our customers in their everyday production challenges with innovative, highly technological industrial manufacturing solutions.

A philosophy that is expressed through:

  • Continuous research to offer solutions that are always cutting-edge.
  • Responding to the needs of our stakeholders, customers and partners in the first place, with high quality standards.
  • Proposing technologies that combine high performance with limited environmental impact.

Our vision constantly marks our path of development, at both a technological and business level, becoming a reference for continuous sustainable growth characterised by excellence.expressed through:

  • People: to always be a place where one can improve and best express one’s potential.
  • Partners: be a driver in the creation of a network of customers, suppliers and collaborators that constantly focuses on generating shared value.
  • Environment: searching for a technological future that safeguards the environment, confident of always being a responsible player.
  • Production: always focusing on compliance with quality and industrial standards of excellence, by creating high performing and efficient solutions.
  • Shareholders: maximising return on investment in pursuit of, and respect for, responsible development.

Values are the energy that drives every SMRE project, what speaks of us and for us.

  • Intuition: the will to think outside the box.
  • Integrity: to be transparent in labour and human relations, by being exponents of an approach based on mutual fairness.
  • Passion: the engine that drives our steps every day, what we put in all our activities.
  • Excellence and quality: the distinctive mark that we offer to the market.
  • Responsibility: the reference that guides our work, creating value for all our stakeholders.

These are the milestones
that made us who we are today.

Seventeen years of design, development, and construction of machines for market leaders in 40 nations and on 6 continents secure our position as leading supplier of industrial manufacturing solutions.

  1. 1999

    After extensive experience in the design of industrial machines, Samuele Mazzini establishes SMRE Engineering in the town of Montone, Italy.

    The first machine is an X-Y ultrasonic cutting station for acrylic fabrics. SM-400-TA is introduced at the T+T show in Rimini.

    In the same year, SMRE designs a packaging machine for chemically heated or cooled cosmetics. The project called for a complex system to create a water bubble and dose chemicals such as calcium chloride, for chemical reactions that generate heat, and ammonium nitrate to generate cold.

  2. 2000

    SMRE develops a complete electric power train for vehicles with telescopic aerial device built by the Connecticut based Terex company.

    The first linear sewing machine for overlaps and hems on specialty fabrics is designed.

  3. 2001

    SMRE moves to new headquarters in Montone. The company now employs a staff of 12.

  4. 2002

    Development of a cutting machine with laser technology to create awning valances.

    An anthropomorphic, ultrasonic cutting robot is constructed to create patterns for the interior of the FIAT “Stilo” vehicle.

  5. 2003

    A complete electric power train with electronics and software is developed for fire extinguishing vehicles used by the US military on air force bases.

  6. 2004

    Introduction of the first linear welding machine for technical fabrics. The Pfaff welding head is updated with a head of SMRE design.

    The groundbreaking Intelligent Torque technology is awarded a patent. This intelligent interaction between software and welding wheels guarantees seams of unparalleled quality and strength. Intelligent Torque is now a standard feature on all SMRE welders.

    Introduction of the first CAD/CAM cutting plotter with laser technology.

    Construction of an ultrasonic welding station for solar panels.

  7. 2005

    Introduction of the first machine for the automatic production of retractable insect screens. SM-520-ZA reduces the cycle time for a 6-meter wide insect screen from 20 to less than 2 minutes.

  8. 2006

    The first multiple tool cutting plotter of the FULLCUT series is introduced at the T+T exhibition in Rimini.

    Invention of the patented “Rotosonic” technology: ultrasonic welding of technical fabrics with an extra wide welding wheel (up to 28 mm).

  9. 2007

    Worldwide patent to weld of straps of industrial fabrics onto fabric sheets following a CAD/CAM design.

  10. 2008

    Construction of the first water jet of the SM-800-WJ series, a pure water CAD/CAM cutting machine for foams and soft plastics.

    Introduction a heavy duty cutting machine with conveyor belt that enables the automatic production of patterns in flexible PVC of infinite length.

  11. 2009

    Amidst worldwide economic turmoil, a steady increase in orders pushes SMRE to move to new company premises. In September 2009, a new building is inaugurated in Montecastelli. The company now employs 28 people.

    In the same year, SMRE presents a new water jet cutting machine with water and abrasives for materials such as stone, marbles, glass and metals.

  12. 2010

    The company sees a steady increase in orders for customized manufacturing solutions, such as a conveyor water jet to cut 3D shapes in polyurethane foam used to for the soundproofing of commercial vehicles.

    Installation of the first machine for the full automatic production of pergolas in flexible PVC. SM-321-HA increases the production output of our customers twenty-fold compared to the traditional welding process with HF technology.

  13. 2011

    The revolutionary IET (Integrated Electric Transmission) power train technology is patented. The Italian motorcycle press speak of a “silent revolution”.

    Europe’s largest manufacturer of quality greenhouses orders a solution to join multiple rolls of thermoplastic fabric in a continuous cycle, simultaneously creating pockets with steel cable inserts. The machine produces a ready-to-install greenhouse of 6 by 10 meters in less than 4 minutes.

    At the end of the year SMRE constructs a series of water jets for Italy’s main manufacturer of deep frozen vegetables. SM-800-WJ performs high speed cuts on blocks of deep frozen spinach using the fly-cut principle.

  14. 2012

    SMRE transforms the SM-321-HA machine for pergola production into a highly efficient welding machine for truck covers. The new machine reduces the cycle time from hours (and multiple operators) to less than 20 minutes (and a single operator) and causes a revolution in the truck cover industry.

    In the same year a multiple roll welding and cutting machine is constructed. SM-450-SA joins several sheets of bubble wrap plastic, transforming the sheets into a single XXL sheet. A second travelling bridge performs a fly-cut with twin laser technology. The first unit was supplied to a French manufacturer of swimming pool covers. A second was built for a manufacturer of the same products in the state of New York.

  15. 2013

    Acquisition of long-standing partner for electronics and software development Studio SPE from Perugia. A staff of 7 highly specialized engineers is integrated into the SMRE team.

  16. 2014

    A US branch is opened in Cleveland, Ohio. SMRE America, Ltd. for sales and service to customers in the Americas for the SMRE and Zemat TG production lines.

    In May, the construction of a second production hall and integrated tensile structure warehouse is started. The new building is inaugurated on October 4. The covered production area doubles from 2.500 to 5.000 sqm.

  17. 2015

    The revolutionary MRT system – an electric power train with multiple rotor – obtains a worldwide patent.

    Spin out of the business unit dedicated to electric mobility creates a new company – IET S.p.A. – 100% owned by SMRE S.p.A.

    After more than a decade of design and construction of quality machinery SMRE grows to employ more than 50 professionals.

  18. 2016

    In April SMRE is quoted on the AIM stock market in Milan (SMR.MI).

    SMRE and IET now employ 65 highly skilled people.

    Introduction of the revolutionary SM-370-HA flatbed welding plotter with multiple bridges for the creation tarpaulins. The machine produces a finished truck roof in less than 4 minutes with one operator, compared to 2 hours with many workers.

    Simultaneously SMRE introduces a conveyor-based welding machine to apply multiple anti-theft straps in record time.