Whether you cut very large panels, squares and rectangles, curves or complex and even highly complex shapes, whichever finished product in specialty fabrics you manufacture, the SMRE cutting systems, with their multiple technologies and cleverly designed tools and accessories, allow you to create an infinite range of patterns on a wide variety of technical fabrics, industrial textiles and rigid or semi-rigid materials.

Flatbed plotters with static worktop, robust industrial cutting stations with multiple layer conveyor belt, or simple X-Y cutting tables to create panels... CO₂ laser system, ultrasonic blade, oscillating blade, drag knife, rotary blade, milling head, or the powerful waterjet technology… Ask our experts to assist you in choosing the right machine model and cutting technology for your application.

To streamline your production and increase your productivity, our software developers created a series of easy-to-use programs that will transform your cutting machine into a highly efficient manufacturing solution. And if you have specific requirements, we create custom macros to make production and order handling so simple that even unskilled staff can do it.

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