What is Keder and how to make it faster

06/02/2018 - Blog - Posted by EditorSMRE

Keder is an extremely useful product and with a very straightforward function.

Keder is a Textile Reinforcement product that can be used in many different applications like, pool covers, marine products, sides of banners, tents, awnings, truck side signs, marquees, sails and other types of textile cloths, which usually need reinforcements due to different forces and tension.

Keder is made of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is usually produced from extruded PVC (or others elastic materials) to allow flexibility. Keder fabric is then wrapped around the core. Keder has exposed fibers on the outside to allow an easy slide into an extrusion with a luff groove (keder track). On the inside, it also has coating to offer strong adhesion during welding. Double Coated Keder is also available when maximum strength is required.

One Keder, multiple applications

When using Keder is important to remember a few things:

  • size and material estimates of the keder;
  • how the chosen keder will be attached to the fabric;
  • how the keder will connect into the designed frame.

These factors are very important to make sure that an overall structure will be able to withstand forces acting on it and to be sure that the finished structure will appear as originally designed and can perform as intended.

The concept of a rope or rod in a channel has been known as a way of fastening two parts for a long time and the term keder seems inspired by certain tents of early European nomadic tribesmen (a derivation of the Germanic word “köder”),

The mechanism itself is pretty simple: the rope or rod fits into the channel; fabric attached to the rope or rod comes out of a slot in the channel; however the slot is too narrow for the rope or rod to be pulled through.

Keder is a smart invention but so ancient that we could never identify an inventor for it. This method has been used to hoist a sail on a mast for centuries. And it can be put together using very basic tools, techniques and materials that’s why it has been so effective since old times

In our world full of modern materials and innovative structures, there are still many configurations for simple keder and a growing number of methodologies for its use. In the realm of fabric structures, keder is used in temporary buildings, temporary roofs, tents, clear span structures, agricultural environments, and scaffold covers. Keder is also used to attach awnings to buildings, boats and camping vehicles. It can also be used in sailboats to attach sails to spars. Nowadays keder is increasingly used in the advertising industry to mount fabric signs and banners into frame systems on walls as well as on the sides of trucks, and various types of free-standing displays. This system can also be used: bead, cord, piping, welt, or welting, depending on the industry and the application.

In a way, it is more logical to think of keder by its function as there is a huge amount of variations in terms of materials, applications and configurations. In this sense, the idea behind keder is simply an attachment mechanism, more identifiable by the role it plays (essentially what it does) rather than by what is made of.

SM-200-SA, the keder maker for your needs

SM-200-SA is a new KEDER MAKER machine designed by SMRE Engineering.

With speeds up to 40 meters per minute SM-200-SA is one of the fastest and performing keder making machine in the world.


  • High power hot air welding head for top speed production cycles;
  • A set of double welding wheels and two additional sets of clutched pulling wheels guarantee perfect straight seams of the highest quality, both aesthetically and in strength;
  • Welding wheels are machined in a particular shape to ensure the PVC strips are tightly closed around the core;
  • Custom made guides that allow for multiple keder layouts with multiple core diameters and seam widths;
  • Multiple programmable welding menus for various keder configurations;
  • Automatic and programmable speed and temperature ramp-up to ensure a constant welding quality when the machine starts its production cycle;
  • Timers to register and log the hours of operation of the machine and of the heating element, to tracks the operational hours in the last 7 days, and of the hours the machine has been in PAUSE-mode;
  • Available with automatic unwinding and rewinding system.

SM-200-SA is an innovative keder maker, able to answer to all your production requirements.

Discover more about our Keder Maker, contact our Sales team.