Our partnership

In May 2015 S.M.R.E. S.p.A. and the Zemat Technoly Group launched a technical and commercial partnership. The partnership includes the exchange of technical know-how by two companies that have been providing hi-tech manufacturing solutions for a combined three quarters of a century.

“As manufacturer of cutting, hot air and hot melt welding and sewing machines, high frequency was the missing piece of the puzzle.
By integrating the Zemat TG high frequency and impulse welders into our product range S.M.R.E. is now able to offer a truly “global” range of manufacturing solutions both in our FLEXTEX range of machines and in our HEAVY DUTY line. Under new ownership since 2003, today the Zemat company is a modern, quality oriented Polish-American corporation and S.M.R.E. is very proud to be associated with this manufacturer of highly reliable, extremely versatile solutions. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Samuele Mazzini
Founder and CEO of S.M.R.E.

“Both Zemat and S.M.R.E have practically the same customer base. This partnership is a natural extension of our global sales and marketing strategy. Now we can provide a “total technology package” to our customers, who can benefit not only in terms of having a one-stop supplier of machines for cutting, welding, sealing but - what’s most important – have access to a combined technology expertise which is not offered by any other company in the world”

Sylvester Korotynski
President of Zemat Technology Group

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