SMRE SpA has been designing and manufacturing cutting, welding and stitching machines since 1999: our aim is to speed up the working processes of those who choose our machines, optimising efficiency and improving the quality of production.

In the year 2000, production support projects were accompanied by the first studies in the field of electrical mobility: ten years of intense research led to the development of unique technological solutions, the perfect union between innovation and production technology: IET was born, which today, along with Tawaki batteries, is part of the SMRE group.

SMRE has enjoyed continuous growth and in January 2019 joined the SolarEdge group, a global leader in smart energy technologies, quoted on NASDAQ. Today SMRE SpA is comprised of four divisions: one dedicated to PVC processing machines, one to waterjet cutting, one to the production of sun shades and the fourth and newest dedicated to metal working, specifically a coil punching and stamping line.

We innovate all the worlds we touch

At SMRE, we work to innovate the worlds we touch, improving and redefining new technological standards. Our mission, since the very outset, has been to diffuse innovative products and solutions in the field of automation and robotics, sustainable mobility, telematics and energy efficiency, developed thanks to the synergies and combined knowledge of the entire group. The scope of our day-to-day work is to improve the life of our clients, who choose us every day, and add value for our shareholders.

Solutions for every process

Our engineers’ combined experience covers a broad range of technologies and allows us to offer combinations of structures, production concepts, tools and accessories to satisfy all production needs. Our software department develops solutions that automate processes and offer maximum efficiency.

Special customised machines

Our catalogue offers a series of standard machines with a broad range of technologies, accessories and software programmes, but if a standard machine is unable to satisfy your production needs, our team is able to develop custom solutions. Our special machines combine modern and innovative technologies with traditional production methods, integrating mechanics, pneumatics, electronics and software. Just like a tailor-made outfit, SMRE special machines are perfectly adapted to your production needs and guarantee efficiency, quality and the production volumes you’d expect of SMRE.

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